Eugene Stead Honor Roll
We recognize the generous donors who have made a donation of $90 or more to support the 2023 Stead Tread and its cause. You can make a donation through the registration form here or the donation form here. The Honor Roll will be updated weekly once registration opens.

2023 Eugene Stead Honor Roll:

Kathryn Andolsek
Cheryl Baker
Holly Biola
Claude Burton
Harvey Cohen
Kathleen Cooney
David D'Alessio
Anne DeRouin
Louis and Anna Mae Diehl

Duke School of Medicine Master of Biomedical Sciences Program
Colby Feeney
Christopher Fink
Philip Fong
Howard Francis
Tony Galanos
Nicole Helmke
Patrick Hemming
Michael and Dana Kercheval
Mary Klotman
William Knaack

Catherine Kuhn
Amy Yancy Mangum
Diana McNeill

Cathleen Melton
Nia Mitchell
David Montefiori
Katherine Neal
Kristin Newby
Eugene Oddone
John Paat
Marianna Papademetriou
Sharon Peterson
Kathryn Pollak
Shweta Punj
Moira Rynn
Tracy Setji

Matthew Sparks
Georgia Tomaras
Jane Trinh
Courtney Van Houtven
Lana Wahid
LeeAnn West
Stephen Young
Aimee Zaas

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